Windancing's Rob Roy at Amber Sky - 'ROB ROY'
(Srain's Blizzard of the Yetti x Elk Mountain Daphne)

January 30, 2016




PRA clear by parentage

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Windancing's Rob Roy at Amber Sky, Rob Roy, is a stunning light yellow, almost white English type male Labrador Retriever. Contrasting his snow white coat is his dark black pigment on his nose and around his eyes. He has a nice square, boxy, English type head complimented by his soft, kind, sweet expression. Rob Roy has a significant amount of bone in his front and has a straight topline and excellent tailset. He has a very broad muscular chest and is extremely well muscled for being just under two years old. Rob Roy is a massive dog at a young age as he is just below 100 pounds at 18 months of age and he has yet to fully mature at this time. Complimenting his giant stature is his loveable, calm temperament that is best described as a gentle giant. Rob Roy is chocolate factored meaning that he can produce chocolate pups when bred with a chocolate female or a black female that also carries the recessive chocolate gene. He is a very happy go lucky dog, calm, lovable, and a friend to everyone he meets.

Rob Roy came to us from Windancing Labradors and is bred from some excellent Labradors from well establish kennels throughout the midwest. Rob Roy can trace his heritage to Amber Sky Farm as his great-great-grandsire was Sonny (Manorview's Sundance Kid) and his great-great-grand-dam was Cassie (Rumajas Amber Sky Cassandra) both of which were solid English Labradors with strong championship pedigrees and producers of Labradors that excelled as family companions. It would be from Cassie that Rob Roy can trace his heritage to one of foundation bitches, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra). Cassie was whelped by our own Chelsea (Rumajas Amber Sky Chelsea) who was sired by our own Jeb (Gaines Mill Jeb) and whelped by our Terra.

Rob Roy is sired by a strong English light yellow male, Yetti (Srain's Blizzard of the Yetti) and whelped by Daphne (Elk Mountain Daphne), also a strong English type white Labrador. Both Rob Roy's sire and dam are strong, muscular, English type Labradors and Rob Roy is an excellent representation of both of them despite not being completely physically mature at this time.

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