Lucy, a yellow female (almost white) Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors in November 2000. Lucy was whelped by Shelby, and sired by Jeb. Lucy is described by her owners below.

“My name is Stacy my husband jeff and I bough a yellow lab from you back in 2001. We named her Lucy. Her parents were Jeb and Shelby. Lucy has been the joy, and light of our lives. She haw become our best friend, and companion. Lucy will be 6 years old this November. Jeff and I have decided with such a positive experience and the greatest addition to our family we would like to get a companion for her.

We feel having a puppy and reliving those wonderful days will not only enhance Lucy's life but ours as well. Lucy will have the opportunity to stay young as she will be able to teach the things we've taught her to our new addition. We are amazed continuously at how smart Lucy is. Thank you for the greatest gift we have ever received. Always, Stacy & Jeff"

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