Maximus is a dark yellow, or a light fox red male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on September 2, 2005. He was sired by Cajun and whelped by Lumpy. The pictures go in order of age from Maximus as a 5 month old puppy to a 15 month old dog. He is a litter mate to our Pippy and Pebbles and is a half sibling to Rudy, Reba, and Cherry Pop all of which are Labradors that we have bred. Here is what Maximus's owners have shared with us...

"Hi Russ,

Here is an updated picture of Maximus from Lumpy and Cajun's litter. He is wonderful and gets along very well with our cat and other 3 yr old female lab. All who meet him are impressed by his calm and loving personality. Thank you!


Angie VanBurik

Maximus is pictured below at 5 months of age first and then again at 15 months of age.

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