Finn, (Kamm's Corner Finnigan) is a handsome yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on February 23, 2006. He was sired by Finn and whelped by Jersey. He is 11 months old in the pictures below. Finn is a littermate to our Carla and Cora. Here is what Finn's family have shared with us...

"Hello Russ

My family purchased a beautiful puppy from you on April 13, 2006 (yellow puppy from Finn and Jersey), and he has been a wonderful, fun, and beautiful family pet. We (my wife and our two children) spend a lot of time in the metro parks and other places with him and he gets a lot of attention and exercise. His health has been excellent.

I also wanted to let you know that Finn is an incredible swimmer! He is like a motorboat! Ponds,rivers,lakes, swimming pools.....he loves them all! Also, from the first day I threw him a stick, he has been a great retriever and absolutely loves playing games, running around with the family. Since his earliest walks around the neighborhood, he has drawn the attention of many who tell us that " that is one beautiful dog!". We agree... and would certainly refer anyone we know to Amber Sky Labradors when looking for a new dog.

Thanks again for the great family friend!

Chuck,Julia, Andrew, and Hannah Zerman

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