Bernie is a yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on June 12, 2002. He was sired by Star and whelped by Lumpy. In the first picture he is pictured with his half sister Zoe who was sired by Star and whelped by Sammy. Here is what Bernie's owners have shared with us...

I can't tell you what a great dog this has been, I am constantly asked where I got him any time people meet him. He is very obedient, calm, and a great looking lab. He has a great skull......just a classic lab head. I walk him twice a day....and this dog has been the best advertising you could hope for, I'm constantly raving about you guys. I mentioned in the phone are some pictures of him, we actually don't have too many (I really need to take more), most of them he's hanging out with our kids who absolutely adore him (he's incredible with kids).

Long story short....I'm pretty familiar with labs and have owned them most of my life, this dog is rare. I think he would be a great dog to breed, a real tribute to the breed. Of course I'm a little biased and you probably get people all the time wanting to breed with you guys, but I think you should consider at least seeing him in person. Let me know if you are interested. For your reference.....we purchased him from you on 7/31/02....he was born on June 12th of 02'. His sire is Star and his damn is Lumpy.

He came from a litter of 3 and was by far the largest.....he has hovered right around 95lbs when fit and up until about 6 months ago was very, very muscular (a nice english look...just a little taller than a classic english lab). We have a 6 month old the last 6 months he hasn't gotten quite as much exercise as he had become accustomed to.

Thanks again for the best dog that I will ever own!!

Pat Coleman

Bernie and his half sister Zoe.


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