Samson is a yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on October 1, 2006. He was sired by Petey and whelped by Pudge. Samson has found a home in Lakewood, Ohio. Here is what Samson's owners have shared with us...

"Hi, Russ & Pam,

We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season! Here is a pic we took of Samson/Sammy (born on 10/1 to Petey and Pudge) just yesterday on Christmas. (The flash caused his eyes to come out with a green reflection). He is growing fast - we believe he is around 30 lbs right now, but will be going to the vet for his next set of shots this week and will get an accurate weight. He is very handsome and even though he has lots of puppy energy we can tell his personality is sweet --- he socializes with the 2 dogs that live next door.

Take care,

Karen, Jennifer and Jacob

Samson is pictured at 12 weeks and 1 day old.

"Hi Pam and Russ!

Sampson is doing very well. He just turned 1 on October 1st. He is from Petey and Pudge. He is very sweet. We thought we were going to train him to be a helper dog to our special needs son, Jacob, but Jacob is now walking and defying all the odds! We're so happy to have Sammy in our lives...he is so good with Jacob, our special needs son :)


Jen and Karen
Samson is pictured at 1 year old.

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