Brody is a light yellow 'English' yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on February 27, 2007. He was sired by Luke, which accounts for his lighter shade of yellow and whelped by Carla. His AKC registered name is Amber Sky Brigadier. Here is what Brody's owners have shared with us...


We wanted to let you know that our pup, Brody, is doing great. From the Luke and Carla litter, he is 5 months old and 45 pounds of solid muscle. A chip off his dad's shoulder. Since the passing of our last two labs, we didn't think another dog would quite measure up. We were so-o-o wrong! We are proud of him and will tell everyone where he came from and how great these dogs are. People always stop us to ask questions. The grandchildren love him to pieces and he is so happy when he sees them. Of course still being a puppy he likes his "down time" also.

And not to forget the book of his parents and ancestors. What a wonderful addition!

Thank you.

Jeff and Yvonne Longo New Bethlehem, PA

Brody's pictures.

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