Neko is a light to medium yellow 'English' yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on February 19, 2007. He was sired by Sonny and whelped by Cassie. Neko is a littermate to our own Leah (Rumajas Amber Sky Leah). Here is what Neko's owners have shared with us...


We can't thank you enough for the wonderful addition to our family. Neko is a sweet little pup that we purchased from you in April of 07 from Cassie and Sonny's litter...and he became the center of attention in our house! As our first dog, he has been wonderful! Since the time he has come home with us, he has given us very few puppy problems!!! He has slept through almost every night and fortunately, he was house trained in just 4 weeks. His favorites are retrieving, playing in water, car rides, being outside on the deck or just following us around the yard, observing EVERYTHING. He is very obedient and wants to please! We get so many comments of what a nice looking dog he is... Looks so much like Cassie! Neko is now a little over 3 months and weighs approx. 30 lbs. and has so much "puppy energy"!!!! I will send you more pictures throughout the year!

Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful companion!

Matt & Katrina Rado

*pictures attached: Two are at 7 weeks, 1- 9wks, 1-10 wks, 1-13wks

Neko's pictures.

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