Josie is a beautiful, striking black Labrador female puppy that was whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on December 5, 2006. He was sired by Johnny and whelped by Jasmine. Here is what Josie's owners have shared with us...

Hi Russ,

Everything is going well with Josie. She settled in quickly. She is very smart and catching on quickly to house training, crate training and has already learned the Sit command, her name and Come (for the most part). She is very sweet, but still all puppy. Boy, does she want to chew! I had forgotten how much puppies love to chew, everything! She loves the snow too...

In a different email...

Here is the link to our Josie website. If you click to enlarge the picture, you'll see the date it was taken and can figure out her age by that. The most recent is when she was 11 weeks old, I believe. We can send you more recent ones (or update the website) in the next week. Feel free to use any of our pictures on your website. We are enjoying Josie more than we can say. She is a wonderful puppy. Great temperment, obedient, beautiful, but growing way too fast!

Carolyn Bassin

Josie's pictures.

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