Bella is a beautiful, striking, dark chocolate Labrador female puppy that was whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on March , 2007. She was sired by Bucky and whelped by Coco. Here are some of the many comments that Bella's owners have shared with us...

Hi Russ and Pam,

I have been meaning to send you a note for some time now, but where has the time gone?! We 'adopted' puppy 302 from the Bucky-Coco litter in March. We call her Bella now, and I just wanted to let you know that this is the most amazing dog. There aren't enough words to describe how happy we are with her. Her temperment is outstanding. She is loving and sweet, does not bark, listens very well. She loves to play with our six year old chocolate, Grace, but when it's time to come inside, she settles right down. Sometimes we think she's just too mellow to be a puppy! Not to mention how beautiful she is. She's still small, so it's tough to figure out who she takes after, but I'm assuming she just got the best of both worlds! I have recomended you to many friends and family as a breeder.

Thank you,

Tracy Capretta

Mentor Ohio

In another email

Hi Russ,

I'm not sure if you can tell but I think she's really starting to resemble her father. She weighs about 30lbs right now. Her paws are larger than our 6 year olds!!!


Bella's pictures.

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