Riley is a black male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on September 21, 2007 out of Am. Ch. Boradors Smokehouse and Rosie. Riley went to his new home in Toledo at the end of November 2007 and was an instant success! Riley is a littermate to Blackjack, and our own Sailor and Scout. Riley along with the four Labradors mentioned in the above text are some of the best looking labs that we have produced.

December 4, 2007

Hi Russ,

Hi Russ, just thought I would pass on some pictures of my Riley. I fell in love with him instantly. He is a dream, but of course he loves to bite and play at 3:00 am. Oh well, he is worth the little bit of sleep I have lost. We went and had our pictures taken on Sunday at his vet with Santa Claus. EVERYONE is in love with this little guy and they are all thrilled I decided to get another dog. So am I. It was what I needed to do. I pray Riley and I have a very healthy long future ahead of us. I promise he is in good loving hands.

I will keep in touch and thanks again for my little guy.

In an email dated 12/17/2007.

I just wanted you to know how great Riley is doing. He mastered sitting and knew his name right off the bat. I started to have him shake his paw a couple of days ago for a treat and he has since picked that up. He has a wonderful loving personality and loves to snuggle with me. Here is a couple of pictures of him playing in the snow!

Thanks for everything!

JoAnne Berg - Toledo, OH

Riley's pictures.

In an email dated 1/24/2008.

Hi Russ,

Just thought I would pass on some more pics of Riley. These are a month old, taken around X-mas time at my folks house. As you can see he is a gorgeous boy and is getting big. Just went to the vet last night for his last puppy shots and he is weighing in at 36.6 lbs. Everyone that sees Riley comments on what a great looking lab he is. We started one on one t raining last week with a local dog trainer here in Toledo and he kept commenting on how great looking Riley was. That he wishes all his clients labs looked like him. Randy also said Riley was VERY smart, but also said "I had my hands full". When he focuses on something he wants, be it right or wrong, we have some issues getting him to "leave it". Typical lab! LOL

Potty training is done and over. No accidents in two weeks! Knows how to sit, shake, down, sit up and crawl. Continuing on the heeling bit. Can be a bit frustrating, but I know WE will both get it.

Hope all is well with you and your family (of course including the 4-footed kind)!

Take care,

JoAnne and Riley

In an email dated 2/29/2008.

Riley is doing great and is very smart and very lovable. Has to always be laying on me. I just love him!


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