Gunnar, aka Tank, a black male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on August 29, 2005. Here is what Gunnar's owners have to say,

We were so lucky to find such a beautiful puppy. Little Gunnar (son of Sammy and Petey) came to live with us in October and we fell in love with him immediately. He quickly bonded with our adult dog, Stoney, and the two are great friends. We play a lot of frisbee at our house and he had to learn quickly. Gunnar has become a gorgeous, calm, well mannered lab with a thick beautiful coat. We have nicknamed him "Bull" because he is much stronger and thicker than our older adult male (he is definitely "Petey's" son). He holds his own in running and fetching games even when he was 6 months. At 10 months he is now much faster than our older hound but not quite as polished. He still needs to learn a few tricks from the old boy. Our vet was impressed with all the information you provided and we frequently recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks

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