Cedar is a fox red female Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on May 10, 2008 out of our own Rudy and Foxy. Cedar already has a beautiful, dark fox red coat and it will continue to darken to a deeper crimson red as she grows older.

Here is what Cedar's owners have to say.


Cedar is definitely a beautiful, strong female. She is now almost 8 months and is about 63 lbs......and still all puppy! They are from December and they do not show her coloring very well, due to the fact that she was trimmed very closely for the holidays (to eliminate some shedding while guests stayed with us), but you can somewhat see her size. I will try to get another picture of her this weekend and send it your way. Please keep me informed of your litters in the future. Thanks.

Jennifer & Ian Frank

Cedar is about 8 months old in the pictures below.

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