Deuce is a yellow Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on May 1, 2006 out of Petey and Reba. He is a littermate to Archie (Amber Sky Scarlet "Archie" who is also pictured on our testimonials page. Here is what Deuce's owners have to say,

"Russ, Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with Deuce. He is such a sweet puppy and we are so happy we have him....our grandchildren like him, too. We took him to the vet on Monday and I have sent in the AKC registration. We had some really bad storms the past two days and they didn't bother him at all. He is a really good eater and seems to be getting bigger everyday....sort of like Petey. We really enjoyed meeting you and your mother last week and I have spent many hours reading all about our puppy's pedigree... the binder is a really nice, and unexpected, touch."

Sincerely, Kathy Colborn

Russ, Just wanted you to see how well he is doing. He weighed 63 lbs. when he turned 6 months. Everyone who sees him, or his picture, remarks on his beautiful color and his serious look. People find his face irresistible, just like the rest of his family. We think he will look a lot like his uncle Rudy. The word you use so often to describe your dogs is "calm" and I wanted to mention that on 2 seperate occasions, people have remarked how calm he was, especially for a puppy. We just love him, Russ, and are so happy that we chose a puppy from Amber Sky.

Kathy Colborn


Deuce is a great dog! He loves kids, other dogs and, most importantly, us. He is the sweetest dog imaginable. And talk about calm! You say that your dogs are calm but that doesn't do Deuce justice. Unless he is actively playing he is so low-key, he never even barks! He loves to be next to us and he loves to be patted, scratched and rubbed, just as you said about so many of your dogs. As you can see, he is a beautiful dog, too. Of course, with his coloring, no one knows what kind of dog he is, but everyone remarks at how good looking he is.

He isn't as big as his dad, Petey. He is about 90 pounds but the vet assures us he is still growing. He is so gentle and calm that size just isn't a problem. I think he has his mom's great head.

He is a very well behaved dog, too, and has never chewed anything inside our house (outside is another matter). I selected these photos so you could see his color, head and how much he loves kids and running in the woods. It is so hard to get him to stand or sit still that I have even more appreciation for the nice photos you take of all of your dogs. I still check your website to see all of your new should be so proud of your website as well as all the fine dogs you produce at Amber Sky..

In closing, Deuce is a loved and loving dog and has enriched our lives so much. Thank you for producing such a great dog.

Kathy Colborn

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