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From time to time we have older Labradors that are available for pet homes due to many different reasons. In our breeding program, there are a number of reasons why a particular dog is selected for placement into a pet home and no longer be a part of our breeding program. The reason can be simple such as we have decided the time has come to retire one of our girls, or perhaps the dog has grown up to be to short or to tall.

When adults become available they make excellent pets and are eager to transition into a life where they are the center of attention or maybe share the attention with just one other dog. With each dog that becomes available we are happy to share with you why we have made the decision to find a new "forever home" for him/her.

It is often hard for us to say goodbye to these friends. However we are happy for our Labrador as they become the center of attention in a wonderful family. Here our Labs are loved and well cared for, but they must share center stage with the rest of our gang -- it makes us feel good to see them get attention all to themselves and return that love to their new owners.

A great attribute of a well bred Labrador is that they are able to bond with people that treat them well quickly. Labs are an incredible breed, and most seem to be able to bond with new families quite easily, always loving the hand that pets and feeds them. If you're looking for a nice adult Lab, please call or e-mail us and check this page periodically. Labs that do become availabe for new homes will be posted on this page with a link to their own web page. The labs that are pictured on this page have been placed in loving pet homes and their new owners are so happy that they brought them into their lives.

Available Adults

The following adult(s) are available to qualified pet homes: Please contact us via email at

All emails will be answered.

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Last updated November 24, 2017