Question - What is the cost for one of your pups?

  Answer - At this time well sell our pups, male or female for $1200

Question - What is the cost for a deposit on one of your pups?

  Answer - The deposit is $150 and is not refundable, only transferable until the puppy is 7 weeks of age. At 7 weeks of age if the deposit holder no longer wants to commit to the puppy that we are holding for them then the deposit can be transferred to a pup from a future litter or forfeited. In order to hold a puppy we need to know the gender and color of pup that you want.

Question - How are pups selected from a litter?

  Answer - Pups are selected based on the order that deposits are received. Deposit holders are able to select pups inthe order that deposits for a litter are received. Pup selection from a litter typically starts between 5 and 6 weeks of age.

Question - Do you breed English Labradors?

  Answer - Yes. The majority of our Labradors are what many people would refer to as English Labradors. We refer to the physical characteristics ourour Labradors as English type which means that a Labrador will have a square, boxy head with a short muzzle. They will have significant bone and muscle in their front legs and chest and will present slightly shorter than what an American bred Labrador would.

Question - Does the color of the Labrador dictate behaviors and physical health? Is there any difference in temperament, physcial soundness, and overall health in Labradors based on their coat color, i.e. "Are chocolate Labradors more prone to skin problems, are they more hyper than black or yellow Labradors?"

  Answer - We are asked this question quite a bit and I always give the same answer the only that coat color dictates is what color hair you will have to vacuum or sweep up in your house. One has to remember that in a given litter all three colors can be present. We believe it is hard to say that one puppy would be better than another puppy in its litter based on its coat color considering the pups have the same parents

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