Our Labs

Our Labs can be described in many ways, however they are first and foremost our pets and companions. Each of them have their own traits and personality that set them apart from each other and yet all possess the many fine attributes and characteristics that well bred Labradors are known for.

Our Labs have enriched our lives in many ways. They are always a source of happiness and compassion and interaction with them makes even the worst day better. We believe that there are many lessons that we have learned from our labs and that they have many lessons for us to learn

The majority of our Labradors would be classified by us as the 'English' type. The word 'English' has come to refer to a Labrador with a square or 'blocky' head, a well muscled body with thick bone in both the front and rear legs, and a soft kind expression. The term 'English' is used because many of the most influential Labradors that defined the breed as we know it today came from England. We feel that all of our males fit this description and many of our females have strong 'English' characteristics as well.

We own and produce all three American Kennel Club recognized colors of Labrador Retrievers; yellow, black, and chocolate. Two of these colors have variations in the them; chocolate and yellow. Some of our chocolates are a deep dark chocolate color and while others are a lighter shade of chocolate with some having an almost reddish brown tint to their coats. Our yellows cover the entire spectrum from a light yellow almost white to a dark yellow or fox red variation of yellow.

Our Labs range in size from the smallest at roughly 60 pounds to our biggest at 110 pounds. The majority of our labs fall between the 75 - 85 pound range. Regardless of their height or weight all of our Labs have a calm, laid back temperament.

Our Labs are the result of a commitment of over 40 years in raising and breeding quality Labrador Retrievers. Our labs today have descended from some of our first Labradors and represent an achieved goal of breeding the best possible Labrador that we can.

Our goal is to produce a sound healthy Labrador that will excel first and foremost as a companion and secondly will be able to compete in the many areas that Labrador Retrievers have mastered, i.e. hunting, service work, and therapy work to name a few.

We have used some of the top sires in the country to produce some of our litters and constantly strive to produce sound Labrador retrievers better than what we currently have that will excel first as a companion and then be able to fulfill the many versatile roles that a well bred Labrador retriever has mastered.

The purchase price for one our puppies depends on the litter with prices starting at $1500.00, please email or call with any questions. We accept deposits ($150.00) on puppies from before the litter is whelped up until they are eight weeks of age and ready for their new home. This deposit will hold a puppy for you to pick from in the litter. Picks in a litter are determined by receipt of a deposit. We are happy to show you puppies and their parents as soon as a litter is old enough to be viewed, usually after one to two weeks of age. Before making any appointment we ask that you and the members of your household are ready to committ to all of the responsibilities involved with being a responsible and caring dog owner.

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Last updated January 9, 2024

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