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Labrador Litters

Available Litters/Puppies

All of the puppies that we offer to new homes are a result of our commitment to breeding an excellent Labrador Retriever that is an ideal representative of the American Kennel Club Labrador Retriever breed standard and has a calm, loving temperament. Our puppies can be used in the many different areas that well bred Labradors excell in from strictly a companion/ family dog to a hunting partner, performing service work as a therapy dog, or performing in agility and obedience contests. Every puppy that we produce is the result of tweny five plus years of researching and working with Labradors from different parts of the United States and from countries throughout Europe. Our goal is to produce a puppy that will grow and mature into what many people refer to as an "English" Labrador or a lab that has a square, boxy head, a soft kind expression, and thick bone. We believe we achieve that goal as is evident by the many pictures of our puppies from the past that are on this website as well as our adult Labradors all of which we bred except for a small handfull of our current labs.

All of our puppies are throughly checked over by our veterinarian, receive their first round of shots, and are wormed at least one time. In addition each puppy is implanted with an AVID microchip for permanent identification purposes as well as help dog owners recover their lost dog. All puppies will also be sent home with a detailed binder that will include color pictures and biographies of both the sire and the dam, color copies of both the sire and dam's health clearances, the puppy's veterinary record, health guarantee, literature and tips on how to raise your new puppy, pedigrees on both the sire and dam, and color/black & white photos of the puppie's ancestors.

Lab Breeder The purchase price for one our puppies start at $1800 for black, chocolate, and yellow and fox red pups. Each pup will have their price listed on their individual web page. Full registration (breeding rights) with the American Kennel Club will be a higher cost to approved individuals/breeders. For specific questions concerning a price of a puppy please contact us or send an email for further details. The price listed is a guideline and at times we may have a litter in which the pups are more expensive due to using an outside stud dog, many times a finished champion or a dog that has a proven track record of producing exceptional labradors. We accept deposits ($150.00) on puppies either before or after the litter is whelped. This deposit will hold a puppy for you in the litter. Picks in a litter are determined by receipt of a deposit. Deposits placed on a puppy that is born are non refundable. Deposit holders will come out and select their puppy when it is ready to go to its new home. We do not have people out prior to the pup being ready to go to a new home which is usally between 7 and 8 weeks of age.

The majority of our puppies are sold before they are born due to a solid reputation that is spread by people who have one of our labradors and the veterinarians that they take them to. If you have any questions about one of our labradors or a litter that we have planned or are expecting please send us an email and we will get back with you. Before making any appointment we ask that you and the members of your household are ready to committ to all of the responsibilities involved with being a responsible and caring dog owner. Thank you.

Current Litters/Puppies

Gauge & Lasitka

A beautiful fox red litter born on March 31, 2023. The pups from this litter will have gorgeous fox red coat colors ranging from a dark fox red to a medium fox red color complimented by dark black pigment. The pups will have storng English characteristics much like Gauge & Lasitka. The pups will be ready for new homes at 8 weeks of age and will have had a physical from our vet, two rounds of shots, wormed, and microchipped.

Pictured on 4/22/2023 are the fox red females in the litter.

Labrador Puppies for Sale

Chunk & Raisin

A black and yellow litter that was born on April 14, 2023. The shade of yellow on the yellow pups is a very light yellow, almost white in color. The light yellow pups are complimented by dark black pigment on the nose and around the eyes. There are yellow females and males available as well as a black female for new homes on June 10th.

Expecting Litters/Puppies

Samson & Monet

An all chocolate litter that is expected on or around June 12th. This is a repeat breeding of Moose & Brownee. The pups from their last litter were very dark chocolate and had strong, blocky English characteristics combined with calm and loving temperaments. We are accepting deposits to hold a pup from this litter at this time.

Planned Litters/Puppies

Available Adults

Please click on one of the pictures below of our available adults. Please understand that the majority of our adults are crate trained, have a calm loving temperament, and are very laid back, however they are not housebroken which is not difficult when using a crate and keeping them on a regular schedule.

Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale

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