Amber Sky Frontier Legend from Ethereal - 'BOONE'
(Windancing's Call of the Wild x Ethereal As Told by Audree)

November 3, 2018




OFA CERF April 2020

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Amber Sky Frontier Legend from Ethereal, also known as Boone is an English chocolate Labrador stud at Amber Sky Farm. Boone is a massive, muscular, English type Labrador and at only two years old is not yet done filling out and growing. He has a square, broad head, complimented by his very expressive face. Boone is massive and weighs 100 pounds at just over 2 years of age. He is quick and agile for his age, loves to run and play with the other Labradors here and is a solid swimmer. Boone seems to be able to communicate quite effectively by changing the expression on his face and furrowing his brow or tilting his head. He has a significant amount of bone making up his frame and when he is done filling out he will be a very thick dog. Boone is a dark chocolate and his expressive eyes are the amber colored. One of Boone's favorite activities is to stand on top of his igloo dog house and look out at everything that is around him. He is always trying to climb anything to get higher so as to have a better view of everything around him. An example would be his walking up the trunk of a fallen tree as far as he can so that is sometimes five to six feet off the ground while hiking in the woods. He will stay there for awhile and then calmly turn and walk back down the tree until he gets to a safe height to jump down from.

Boone has a solid English Labrador pedigree that has many well-bred Labradors in drawing heavily from the Windancing Labrador Kennel located in Pennsylvania as well Keepsake Labradors from West Virginia and Bonaventure Labradors located in Kentucky. Both Boone's sire and dam are strong, muscular, and thick English type Labradors. His sire, Wilder (Windancing's Call of the Wild) is a massive chocolate Labrador at Ethereal Labradors and is also the source of his recessive yellow gene. Boone's dam Audree (Ethereal As Told by Audreee) is a muscular English chocolate Labrador female that is on the bigger size of the American Kennel club Breed Standard. These are just two examples of the strong English Labradors that are behind Boone.

We are excited about Boone and what he brings to Amber Sky Farm and the pups that he will produce in black, chocolate, fox red, and yellow.

Boone's Photo Gallery

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