Our boys are all excellent representatives of a Labrador Retriever. We own males in all three American Kennel Club recognized colors of Labrador Retrievers; black, chocolate, and yellow. Our yellow boys coloring or shade of yellow varies from a light almost white coat, (Turk) to that of a fox red shade of yellow, (Gauge, Red, and Titus). We have bred some of our boys, our dogs are behind some of our boys, and some of our boys we have bought from other breeders. All of our boys are exellent examples of what we strive to produce in our puppies once they grow and mature. All of our boys have sweet, calm, laid back temperaments and are friends to everyone they meet.

Each of them have their own traits and personalities that set them apart from each other and yet all possess the many fine attributes and characteristics that well bred Labradors are known for. The most important characteristic of each of our boys is their calm, laid back temperament and their lovable personality.

Some of our boys are the result of our sixth generation of breeding while some of them have come from outstanding breeders who have made a commitment to producing an excellent Labrador from their breeding program. Each one of our boy's pedigree is located on their individual web page and an examination of each web page would show a commitment to producing an excellent Labrador. One would find Labradors behind them that come from outstanding Labrador Retriever Kennels some of which have been positively influencing the breed for over fourty years. Behind our Labaradors you would find many Labs that have had their hips and elbows cleared through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, their eyes cleared through CERF, and dogs that have earned bench championships in the American Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, and other kennel clubs in Great Britain and Finland.

Our boys are available for stud service to approved females. The owner of the bitch is responsible for all costs associated with breeding. We encourage progesterone tests to determine the best time for ovulation of the bitch. For more complete details please contact us with your questions.

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