Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Brandy - 'BRANDY'
(Am. Ch. Keepsake Red Star Rising x Rumajas Amber Sky Cherry Cola)

October 3, 2009







Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Brandy, 'Brandy' is a champion sired (American Kennel Club), well bred, fox red English type female Labrador Retriever. She has well extremely well-defined "English" type characteristics, a large square head complimented by a soft kind expression on her face amber eyes and dark black pigment around her eyes and her nose. Brandy has a significant amount of bone and has grown into her frame nicely as she has matured. She has a nice mellow easy going temperament and is a very happy go lucky dog. She has a massive appearance and presents a very strong and athletic build, however she is right at home laying beside you sound asleep. Brandy was from an exceptional litter of all fox red pups sired by Am. Ch. Keepsake Red Star Rising and our own Cherry Pop (Rumajas Amber Sky Cherry Cola).

The greatest attribute of Brandy is the fact that she like her mother was raised in a public school working as a service dog with special needs children. Brandy has spent her whole life in an autisitic unit classroom working with students that are on different spots of the spectrum. She provides an ear to listen, a soft kind expression to ease the troubled spirt, and unconditional love to students who struggle academically and socially to fit in during the formative years of middle school.

Brandy is a descendant from one of our two foundation bitches, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra) a stocky English type chocolate Labrador Retriever. She comes from a long line of Labradors that we have bred on her sire's side, the list would include: Cherry Pop (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Cherry Cola) Lumpy (Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy) her paternal grand-dam, and Jake (Rumajas King Jake) her paternal great-grandsire. We were also fortunate to own several Labradors behind Scarlet with their relationship detailed in her pedigree: Brodie (Balcroft Crow Haven Reprise) one of our foundation stud dogs, and Tilly (Miss Chantilly Lace of York) a dark yellow female Labrador that is behind many of our fox red labradors. Scarlet has matured into a beautiful, stocky, English lab and we are excited for her to pass along her exceptional qualities and traits to her pups. We are excited for the impact that she will have on our Fox Red Labrador lines.

To gain more insight on fox red labradors and to understand the quality of Labradors that are behind Rudy there are several websites that have done an excellent job of detailing the history, the characteristics, and the kennels and individual Labradors that have impacted fox red labradors of today. For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History, for more information on fox reds of today click on Fox Red labradors today, and for more general information on the coat color inheritance and the temperament of fox red labradors click on Fox Red labrador information. You will find more information and some of the labs that are behind our fox red Labradors at Amber Sky.

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