Fox Red History at Amber Sky Labradors

The first all fox red litter that was produced at Amber Sky was in January of 2003 when our Lumpy (Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy) whelped a litter out of Brick (Keepsake Brickhouse). This was a great litter and breeding for us as it resulted in an all fox red litter despite the fact that only one of the parents, the sire, was considered a fox red. Out of this litter we would keep two pups, a male and a female that would start us on a solid foundation for our fox red Labradors at Amber Sky Labradors. The male, Rudy (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Rudy) would grow and mature into an exceptional fox red stud dog for us over the years until he was retired. The female, Reba (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Reba) would whelp several litters of fox reds for us bred to some of our own studs as well as some nationally known fox red stud dogs. These two dogs combined with a fox red female that we purchased from another breeder, Rosie (Amber Sky Crimson Rosette) would provide us with a solid foundation to build upon since 2004. The foundation would be complete with the purchase of a fox red male, Woody (Amber Sky Crimson Woodrow Will) which enabled us to begin developing our line of fox red labs at Amber Sky. We would then add several fox red Labradors females, Pippy (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pip) and her littermate Pebbles (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pebbles). These two quality females were whelped by Lumpy and whelped by Cajun (Am. Ch. Keepsake Cajun) and would provide another foundation piece to our current fox reds. As we would have fox red litters over the years it would become apparent that Lumpy would be the foundation for our current line of fox red Labradors. Lumpy's ability to produce fox reds can be traced to several key Labradors behind her in her pedigree.

The first source for Lumpy's ability to produce fox red would be her grand-sire Brodie (Balcroft Crow Haven Reprise) pictured to the left. Brodie would have what was considered an old pedigree even in his youth as the majority of the Labrdors that were behind him even in the first few generations were no longer living. It was some of these fine Labradors that hailed from several prominent English Labrador kennels that would make Brodie himself a very dark yellow Labrador and ultimately the ability to produce what breeders would consider a fox red Labrador. Perhaps the dog that had the most impact on Brodie's ability to produce the fox red shade of yellow would be Am./Can. Ch. Rupert Krest of Wallasey. Regardless of the source of Brodie's ability to produce the fox red shade of yellow he had contributed a trait to his offspring and their offspring that would enable us to successfully start in developing our line of fox reds at Amber Sky Labradors.

We would produce fox red litters over the years however we strived to diversify the pedigrees of the fox red Labradors that we were working with. Eventually we would succeed in diversifying our fox red pedigrees with the addition of Red (Avalon's Red Alert). Red's pedigree was a complete outcross to everything that we currently had. He would diversify our fox reds with his solid, champion laden pedigree and strengthen the "English" type in our fox reds. Red's impact is tremendous and he would sire excellent fox reds that are strong in "English" type and have incredibly calm, loving temperaments. An example of the type of fox red that Red produces are Tina (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Tina) and Rain (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Rain) both whelped by our own fox red Labradors. Red would leave his mark on our current fox red Labradors, however we would need to add yet a different line so as to breed to Red's offspring as well as our other fox reds. We would breed some of our fox reds in outcross breedings to completely unrelated yellow and chocolate Labradors. One of these studs, Riley (Am. Ch. Briarwood's All Riled Up) would sire several litters with our fox red Labradors that would produce fox reds in the litter. Examples of those fox reds would be our own Emily (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Emily) and Skarloey (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Skarloey) pictured below left. Skarloey who was whelped by our own Lolita (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Lolita) represents our newest generation of fox red Labradors.

Our fox red lab pups are the result of over 10 years of selective breeding emphasizing temperament, type, and physical soundness. We are excited about our line of fox red Labradors and the pups that they will produce. Skarloey represents four generations of our Labradors and we are excited for his impact on our fox red Labradors. There is little doubt that he will positively impact our fox red Labradors and be an important part of our history.

For the history of the fox red shade at Amber Sky Labradors and the dogs responsible please click on Amber Sky Fox Red Labrador History. For more information on our fox reds today click on Amber Sky Fox Red labradors today. For more general information on fox red Labradors please click on Amber Sky Fox Red labrador information. For information on available or upcoming fox red Labrador puppies please visit our Available Litters page.

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Last updated January 4, 2020