Fox Red Labradors Today at Amber Sky Labradors

Our fox red Labradors that we own today are the product of over 30 years of work with over 10 years dedicated to producing sound, English type fox red Labradors. Our fox red litters are bred first and foremost for temperament as it is our goal for one of our pups to be an excellent companion for you and your family. Secondary goals of a fox red breeding would be to produce the dark fox red color and to work on the diversity of the pedigree of the Labradors that we have. Our fox reds today will be predominantly sired by Skarloey (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Skarloey) and Red (Avalon's Red Alert) both of which are pictured on this page.
Our fox red pups that we produce today will be similar to those that we first produced in that they will have calm, loving temperaments and be excellent companions for you and your family. They will have strong, distinctive "English" type builds with a well muscled build. Their expression will be that of a loving and caring companion and will be able to cut through even the hardest soul.

For the history of the fox red shade at Amber Sky Labradors and the dogs responsible please click on Amber Sky Fox Red Labrador History. For more information on our fox reds today click on Amber Sky Fox Red labradors today. For more general information on fox red Labradors please click on Amber Sky Fox Red labrador information. For information on available or upcoming fox red Labrador puppies please visit our Available Litters page.

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Last updated February 19, 2015