Rumajas King Jake - 'JAKE'
(Balcroft Crow Haven Reprise x Rumajas Lady Terra)

December 11, 1994



LR-EL5308M33-T Normal
LR-CA1255/109M/S-PI - NORMAL

Jake was a massive chocolate Labrador that was the result of our first generation of breeding at Amber Sky/Rumajas Labradors. He was a nice dark chocolate, had a massive amount of bone, a broad square head, and the best loving temperament of any dog that was his size (115 pounds). Jake was an exceptional producer and produced puppies in all three colors, we would keep two of his daughters; Lumpy (Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy) and Jasmine (Rumajas Amber Sky Jasmine) both of which have been excellent sound Labradors.

Jake was sired by our Brodie (Balcroft Crow Haven Reprise) and whelped by our own Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra). He was the first pup that we ever kept furthermore we did not keep him by choice as he was the last pup in his litter that did not sell. Jake grew quickly as a pup which made him less appealing to puppy buyers and at the time of 6 months he was close to 100 pounds. Jake had an exceptional pedigree containing some of the classic English Labradors behind him that were imported into the United States to increase bone and type. One of these Labradors was John Brown (Charway John Brown) who is Jake's grand-sire. Every successfull kennel can trace a significant amount of their lines to a few dogs that forever impacted their kennel and the dogs that are in it. Jake, like his sire Brodie, is one of those dogs.

Jake produced many wonderful companions in homes throughout the Midwest and produced Labradors that excelled in the fields and marshes as well as therapy dogs. In addition he is behind the majority of the fox reds that we have and produced over the years. Jake was a great dog, a massive dog and he would make you marvel at how gentle he was in relation to how big and muscular he was. We miss him and feel priveleged to have him behind so many of our Labradors today.

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