Amber Sky Raising Rumajas - 'RAISIN'
(Amber Sky Captain Nick's John Henry x Lady Zuzu of Elyria)

May 23, 2010


OFA - GOOD LR-203404G33F-VPI


CERF clear

(Click on her pedigree link to view)

Amber Sky Raising Rumajas is a dark chocolate "English" bred chocolate female that we are extremely lucky to own. She is sired by our own Hank (Amber Sky Captain Nick's John Henry)and resembles her father with a nice broad square head, a strong athletic frame, and a calm gentle temperament. Raisin has a striking appearance and a calm, loving temperament, however what makes her special is that she represents a second chance for our breeding program as she is fifth generation descendent from our first American Kennel Club registered Labrador, Buck (Rumajas King Buckingham). Buck was our foundation stud dog and sired litters from 1985 through approximately 1991. During that time we never kept one of his pups as he was still young when he became sterile. We moved forward with different stud dogs and several attempts to locate offspring of Buck never materialized over the years.

Raisin has nice square, boxy English type head with a soft kind expression complimented by her eyes which are offset against her dark chocolate coat. She has a nice amount of bone in her straight front and nicely angulated chest. Raisin has a nice straight topline and excellent tailset complimenting her strong athletic build. Raisin is a nice height and when she is at her prime weight she has a strong, muscular appearance. She is a physically striking Labrador, however it is her temperament which really makes her such a nice, ideal Labrador. She is always very happy to see you and seems to not have a care in the world when she is in your company. Raisin understands completely her role to be of service to the ones that she is around simply by being happy to see them and spend time with them.

It is our hope that Raisin's offspring like herself will be loving pleasant Labradors for their owners. We hope that Raisin will be able to re-establish what we consider to be the first foundation of Amber Sky Labradors. We look forward to her positive impact on our future generations.

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