Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Star - 'Star''
(Windancing's Sparks of Fire at Amber Sky x Rumajas Amber Sky Golden Star Splash)

January 10, 2018






Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Star, Star is an excellent example of our 5th generation of breeding and 6th generation that we have owned at Amber Sky Farm. She has a well-bred pedigree that is dominated by English type labradors. Star's pedigree represents what we call an improvement breeding in that there are several yellows behind her that were bred to fox reds. The purpose of this is to diversify our fox red lines while improving them at the same time. Star has a nice boxy English head that is complimented by her soft kind expression. She can be a very animated dog and loves to tilt her head to the side when looking at you or examing an object. Star has a nice fox red coat color, a soft coat, and she has a white star on her chest which is quite common in the fox reds. She has a nice amount of bone in her front, a muscular build, and a straight topline giving her a strong English Labrador appearance. Complimenting her looks is her calm, loving temperament.

Star was sired by our own Sparks (Windancing's Sparks of Fire at Amber Sky) and was whelped by our own Splash (Rumajas Amber Sky Golden Star Splash). She is a littermate to our Sophia (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Sophia) and both of them can trace their heritage to one of our foundation females, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra). The line from Star to Terra is as follows; Star's dam, Splash (Rumajas Amber Sky Golden Star Splash), Star's grand-dam Waunee (Rumajas Amber Sky Waunee), Star's great-grand-sire, Luke (Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas), Star's great-great-grand-dam Ellie (Rumajas Amber Sky Elliot), to her great-great-great-grand-dam Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra). We also bred two other Labradors behind Star, Sailor (Amber Sky Crimson Sailor) and Della (Amber Sky Golden Star's Della).

To gain more insight on fox red labradors and to understand the quality of Labradors that are behind Star including the history, the characteristics, and the kennels and individual Labradors that have impacted fox red labradors of today please check out the links below. For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History. To gain a better understanding on how the color of a fox red Labrador changes from birth to maturity as well as breeding philosophies revolving around fox red Labradors please click on Fox Red Labradors Information. For information about the current fox red Labradors that we presently have at Amber Sky Labradors as well as the Labradors that will be impacting future generations of fox reds please click on Amber Sky Fox Red Labradors today.

Star's Photo Gallery

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