Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Rudy - 'Rudy'
(Keepsake's Brickhouse x Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy)

January 28, 2004


OFA - GOOD - LR-157382G24M-PI


OFA LR-CA1266/12F/S-PI

CERF LR-36381


Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Rudy, 'Rudy' is a well bred classic English type yellow male Labrador Retriever. Rudy's shade of yellow is considered "Fox Red" and his sire, Brick (Keepsake's Brickhouse) comes from one of the premier Labrador kennels that produces yellow labs that have the fox red shading, Keepsake Labradors. Rudy is an excellent example of our third generation of breeding and is already displaying the classic 'English' type and he has yet to fill out his massive frame. Rudy has a broad square head, with a soft expression with eyes that speak volumes of his kindness and calm loving temperament. He has a tremendous amount of bone, a nice top line, and an excellent otter tail. Rudy has his hips cleared through Penn Hipp at the 90th percentile and his eyes are cleared through CERF. Rudy is an awesome dog and we are expecting big things from him as he continues to mature.

Rudy was whelped by our own Lumpy (Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy) and is a littermate to Reba (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Reba) and Cherry Pop (Rumajas Amber Sky Cherry Pop). Rudy is the result of a beautiful combination of both his sire and dam resulting in a stunning English type fox red Labrador. From his sire, Brick, Rudy inherited his deep fox red color, his strong English characteristics, and his calm temperament. From his dam, Lumpy, Rudy inherited an impecably calm temperament, a soft kind expression, and a recessive chocolate gene enabling him to produce all three colors of Labradors if bred to the right lab.

Rudy is also a half brother to two of our other fox red labradors that were whelped by Lumpy, Pebbles (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pebble) and Pippy (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pip. Like his littermate and half siblings, Rudy has a beautiful dark fox red coat and strong English characteristics. Rudy has sired litters that have been black, chocolate, yellow, and fox red and will be a great asset to our fox red Labradors.

To gain more insight on fox red labradors and to understand the quality of Labradors that are behind Rudy there are several websites that have done an excellent job of detailing the history, the characteristics, and the kennels and individual Labradors that have impacted fox red labradors of today. For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History, for more information on fox reds of today click on Fox Red labradors today, and for more general information on the coat color inheritance and the temperament of fox red labradors click on Fox Red labrador information. You will find more information and some of the labs that are behind our fox red Labradors at Amber Sky.

Rudy's Photo Gallery

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