Rumajas Amber Sky Sugar Turk - 'TURK'
(Pararacino's Sugar Rush x Rumajas Amber Sky Stripe)

September 11, 2016




OFA CERF March 2019

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Rumajas Amber Sky Sugar Turk, Turk, is one of our light yellow, almost white in color English type Labrador studs. He is an excellent example of our sixth generation of breeding on his dam's side. Turk has a thick, muscular build that is typical for an English type Labrador along with a square boxy head, thick bone in his front and rear, and a nice straight topline. Turk's shade of yellow is very light, almost white and he produces that shade of yellow in his pups. Turk has a happy go lucky personality and is a calm, loving dog. Turk has a solid pedigree containing many excellent Labradors from well respected Labrador kennels throughout the United States. We are proud that we bred the majority of the Labradors in the bottom half of Turk's pedigree.

Turk is sired by our Rush (Paracino's Sugar Rush) and whelped by our own Stripe (Rumajas Amber Sky Stripe). Turk goes back to two of our foundation females, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra) and Naomi (Cupid's Touch of Daylyn) and also goes back to one of our foundation stud dogs Jeb (Gaines Mill Jeb) therefore has a number of Labradors that we have bred behind him over 6 generations.

The pedigree line from Turk to Terra is the following; Turk's dam is Stripe (Rumajas Amber Sky Stripe), his grand-dam is Mara (Rumajas Amber Sky Mara), his great-grand-sire is Chuck (Rumajas Amber Sky Charlie Brown), his great-great-grand-sire is Star (Rumajas Amber Sky Lone Star), his great-great-great-grand-dam is Sasha (Rumajas Lady Sasha) who is a daughter of Terra.

We also bred the following dogs behind Turk which have led to many of his outstanding characteristics; his grand-sire is Luke (Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas), his great-grand-dam is Ellie (Rumajas Amber Sky Elliot), his great-grand-dam is Matilda (Rumajas Amber Sky Waltzing Matilda), his great-great-great-grand-sire is Johnny (Rumajas Amber Sky John Henry), and his great-great-grand-dam is Jacklyn (Amber Sky Jacklyn's Honor).

Turk is a well bred Labrador that is physically pleasing to the eye and has produced excellent pups that have matured into excellent Labradors. We are excited for the potential that he brings to our breeding program in producing English type pups with a calm, loving temperament.

Turk's Photo Gallery

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