Highland's Titus Steel JH- 'TITUS'
(Nitro Steel Hughes MH x Keepsake's Marilyn Monroe of Highland)

March 2, 2012


OFA - Excellent (Pre-lim)

OFA - Normal (Pre-lim)




Highland's Titus Steel JH, Titus, is a well bred English type fox red male that excells as a companion toour family and in the field retrieving downed ducks, geese, and flushing pheasants. He came to us from Highland Labradors located in Akron, Ohio where he was bred and born. Titus was sired by an American Kennel Club, Master Hunter, Nitro (Nitro Steel Hughes MH) and whelped by Juno (Keepsake's Marilyn Monroe of Highland). Titus is a strong, well muscled Labrador with a solid amount of bone, a nice height, and a boxy, square head that is complimented by the soft kind expression communicated through his eyes. He has a very dark fox red coat with short hair that is always soft and has a brilliant sheen when the sun shines on it. He is a very athletic Labrador in that he has a significant amount of drive to retrieve either out of the water or over land. That drive is what enabled Titus to earn his Junior Hunter certificate through the American Kennel Club and the title of Hunting Retriever awarded by the United Kennel Club.

Titus is an accomplished hunter, however his greatest asset is his calm, loving temperament. He is a great ambassador for the breed and our dogs as he is a friend to everyone that he meets. Titus makes visits to a local assisted living center to visit with residents there and makes new friends there all of the time.

Titus is a very sound Labrador having hip and elbow clearances through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA hips excellent and elbows normal), he is PRA clear, and EIC Clear.

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